Alphone Fiquet urban place

Amiens (80), France, 2020

Development of the station square in Amiens
Winning Project

Amiens Aménagement Développement

Masterplan – Landscape design
SCHUITEN COPYRIGHTArchitecture / scupture
Atelier AUDIBERT lighting design


Phase 1 : 400,000 €
Conditional phase € 1,000,000 in
> Phase 1 completed

Amiens wants to place its station at the heart of a vast urban project, this historic gateway to the Picardy capital will become over the years a real place of life and exchanges, an integral part of a city center in full transformation. . An artistic work and a complete redevelopment of the square into an “Octopus garden” in connection with the imagination of Jules Vernes will animate the colonized square with 120 bamboos of around ten meters. Bamboo, a vernal plant whose structural and aesthetic qualities have inspired artists and engineers, attracts biodiversity, birds and freshness. He should therefore correct the hyper mineral character of the station square and install the landscape setting for the luminous work. The last phase of the Octopus Garden is underway, it is the installation of a giant squid sculpture imagined by François Schuiten in connection with the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas (1869-1870), which will be executed by sculptor Pierre Matter. The stated goal of the Town Hall is to forcefully signify, in the city, the presence of the writer buried in the cemetery of La Madeleine. A link with the city center, the station square is a door that opens to the ideal Valley district and further to the sea. It appeals to our imaginations.

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