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Saint-pierre - Martinique


Saint-pierre - Martinique

This study on the entrances to St Pierre marks the first steps in an ambitious regional development project for the territory:
“St Pierre, a regional tourist activity zone”, the aim of which, by revealing and supporting the regional attractiveness of the north of the island, is to rebalance the cultural and economic situation of Martinique. This mission represents the first sign of a strong cultural and economic stake. St. Pierre, once a particularly culturally and economically vibrant city, was wiped out at a time when it was in full swing.

It is a matter of “waking up” St. Peter. Totally destroyed, repeatedly deserted, forever scarred, it has “shriveled up” within its ancient limits, which it has never completely reinvested. However, it is the city that preserves the exceptional emotional force of a mythical city, once radiant, which, perhaps here more than elsewhere, immerses us in “creolity”. St Pierre is the most symbolic site capable of triggering the imagination and emotion of a whole territory. And it is this emotional and memorial force that, in a way, can now generate its own development, find cultural fulfilment, free from the economic constraints of a central city.
The project is based, in two stages, on three strong themes: the links with the sea, the forest and the people. The proposal that we present here springs from the extraordinary energy that this site transmits. An energy linked to the climate, to the exuberance of the vegetation and the biodiversity that abounds there, to the power of the relief, but also to the emotional force of history, to the mixed origins of its inhabitants. To answer this mission of development of the 3 entrances of the town of St Pierre (East, North and South entrance), our proposals are more related to the principles of “land-art” than simple landscaping. The proposed interventions are therefore simple, they recycle and give new life to familiar materials: tree trunks, boat masts, electricity poles, they are based on abandoned land, collapsed walls, abandoned pockets.

Public space
Subject mastery
Heritage project
Enhancement of the city entrance

    • Project management for the landscaping of the city entrances of Saint-Pierre
      framework agreement AMO landscaping
    • INTERSCENE – Master plan and landscape (mandatary)
      CREATIME – scenography, cultural engineering
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