Interscène, landscape architects and designers in Angoulême, Charente

  • 30 years of experience developed around the world in the fields of land use planning, tourism and the environment.
  • A landscape architect design office to support you in your local and international projects.
  • A creative multidisciplinary team which is committed to giving a new identity to land use planning issues, while respecting biodiversity.

Landscape and green town planning, the dual experience of Interscène

Our landscape workshop in Angoulême, in the Charente region, is made up of landscape architects with multiple skills. Our shared views in France and in the world, our passion for the profession and the desire to take part in an intelligent development of the territory shape our vision of town planning. That of green and sustainable town planning.

On the borders of several disciplines, artistic, scientific and ecological, we bring together our know-how to redesign the city and the territories of tomorrow with a concern for ethics and sustainable development. This is why we put plants at the heart of each of our urban and rural development projects.

Think and design landscaping from the future , it means knowing how to be proactive in the face of the great ecological challenges to come. Combining creativity and innovation, our primary mission is to identify all the nuances of the territorial context. History, art, leisure, are all avenues that we explore for the understanding of the project.

Our intervention scales vary according to the landscape projects entrusted to us. From cartographic comprehension of a large territory to the technical, fine and precise drawing of a work, our missions are versatile. The appreciation of the different dimensions of the project throughout its analysis, allows us to better understand its complexity.

In relation with the other players in landscaping, we are used to working in a multidisciplinary team. Architect, ecologist, engineer, scenographer, this synthesis of different perspectives and skills gives a unique imprint to each of our landscape transformation missions.

Our approach landscape workshop in New Aquitaine, is part of a common desire. That of improving our living environment, promoting good living together while developing natural spaces that regulate temperatures, permeabilize soils, promote biodiversity and much more …

Your landscape and territory projects in France and abroad

Interscene 3.0 carries out large-scale landscape and territory projects by responding to public procurement calls for tenders as well as to large private groups. The variety of projects handled encourages us to constantly take up new challenges, to respond to new issues, in connection with environmental and ecological developments.

Programming, diagnosis, development of master plans and master plans, project management, assistance with project management … We are present at every phase of the project!

Our dual competence in landscape and green town planning enriches our approach to territories with a global and transversal vision, embracing all the complexities of a site. Whether in an urban, peri-urban, natural or agricultural environment, we are committed to developing natural spaces essential to our balance and that of biodiversity.

The Interscene 3.0 workshop,
a workshop of landscape architects explorers

Globe-trotters passionate about landscape and ethnobotany , we have acquired a solid knowledge of plants, soils and climates through our travels. From the hundred-year-old argan groves to the villages silted up at the gates of the Moroccan desert … From the rice fields of the Mekong delta to the still unspoiled territories of the Vietnamese ethnic groups, through the discovery of the disproportionate landscapes of the Middle Empire … In each project that we carry out, we are keen to raise awareness among the general public and elected officials essential role of plants as a social bond.

Building is collaborating with the earth

Promote biodiversity in urban areas and in large areas

Promoting the diversity of living organisms and developing plant-based urbanism resonate for us as solutions to ecological problems and contemporary planetary issues. We bring a brand image and a remarkable identity to each territory we develop, guided by our attachment to plants. Discover the philosophy of the workshop .

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