Panda Park

Sishuan - China

Panda Parc

Sishuan - China

The “China Giant Panda” National Park, located on Qingcheng Mountain-Dujiangyan in the Sishuan region, is one of the natural habitats of the giant panda. This tourism development project is the first “Panda” theme park in the world. Our objectives in this project are multiple:

– Explore harmonious planning between heritage preservation and themed tourism development.
Developing a method of thinking about tourism in China
– To promote the development of the culture and preservation of the giant panda, a true symbol of the region.

Tourist scheme
Heritage project
Shared space
Ecological management

    • Development of the Panda Parc tourism master plan
    • Sishuan local government
    • WVA – Architects
      INTERSCENE – Urban planning and landscape
      CABR : BET
  • 300 ha
    > Finalists of the competition

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