Qinyongchen archaeological site

Fengxiang - China


Fengxiang - China

Located in the far north of China, the archaeological site of Qinyongchen contains remains dating from the Qin dynasty (221 to 206 BC). In the context of a larger development master plan, this study targets the design of enhancement signage, a visit platform and a lake-side jetty in the South-East sector.
The archaeological park project is an opportunity to reveal the potential of the site linked to 3 themes:
– History and archeology of the site
– Nature and landscape
– Agriculture-garden & social, while benefiting tourism and local communities.
Stakes and objectives:
– Revealing the invisible through the landscape
Our intention is to show how landscape architecture transforms an ‘invisible’ archaeological site into an educational, recreational and productive asset that will greatly benefit archaeological understanding, biodiversity, tourism and the local community.
– Creating a resilient experimental park
– Developing a productive landscape within an archaeological park.

Archeological site
Subject mastery
Heritage project
Tourism development plan

    • Planning and design of the Qinyongcheng archaeological park
    • Chinese State / AFD
    • INTERSCENE France representative
      TONGJI agent China
  • 50 Ha> Study in progress

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