the marshes of orx

Orx-Labenne - France


Orx-Labenne - France

The Marais d’Orx is the last protected wetland on the Aquitaine coastline, classified as a nature reserve for its ornithological interest. It is a 1000-hectare property belonging to the Conservatoire du Littoral since 1995.
The project for the management and development of the site is part of a global approach to the management of the marsh: environmental management and conservation, reception of the public, education and communication about the site.
The proposed developments are reversible and have minimal impact. They are exploring ways to optimize the use of a fragile environment and to satisfy the comfort of visitors, while protecting the environment and the tranquility required for breeding birds. Walking, observing and camouflaging are all possible thanks to plant compositions adapted to the different environments, and observatories which, like nesting boxes, adopt light structures (which can be dismantled) that limit the points of support on the ground. The signage completes the integrated and original image of the ensemble.

Public space
Subject mastery
Heritage project
Development plan
Natural Park
Ecological management

    • Winner of the project management competition for the development plan of the Marais d’Orx
    • Syndicat Mixte de Gestion des Milieux Naturels Landais (SMGMN)
    • ART’UR Architects (Contractor)
      AGENCE MOGAN – Architect
      INTERSCENE – Master plan and landscape
      FABIEN CHARLOT – Landscaper
      CREATIME – Scenography
      BIOTOPE – Environmental design
      IGC – BET Structure
      CLIMELEC – Thermal engineering
  • 1000 ha > > Project completed

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