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beirut- lebanon


Beirut - Lebanon

Winning project of the international competition for the landscaping of the whole historic city centre, within the framework of the reconstruction of the centre of Beirut, after the war.
The mission included the design of the plans at all scales of intervention: from the large landscape to the realization of public spaces including lighting, paving, the design of squares, pedestrian streets, the whole program of afforestation and flowering of the city, the creation of the nursery, the cultural signage as well as the enhancement of the excavations revealing 4000 years of history.
The originality of the approach proposed by Interscène, with UNESCO archaeologists, was to integrate archaeological excavations into the development of the city’s parks and gardens. Thus, the first squares opened to the public have integrated the various elements of the archaeological heritage uncovered during the 1994 to 1998 excavation campaigns, and this over the entire city centre.

Public space
Subject mastery
Heritage project

    • Winning project of the Beirut downtown reconstruction program
    • INTERSCENE – Project Manager
      Subcontractor : TERROIRS DE DEMAIN
      F. Lenoble Prédine – ethnobotanist
      MBA – Architect
  • 6.5 ha > Project completed

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