Shennan Avenue

Shenzhen - China


Shenzhen - China

What is a happy city in 21st century China?

This competition aims to define the strategic principles of sustainable development for the megacity.
Let’s look to the future: in the medium term, the use of motor vehicles in Chinese cities will gradually decrease, public spaces will be freed up and then gradually change their functions and features. It is a work of haute couture to design and develop this urban thread as a series of spaces where the pedestrian must take his place. We propose to work on a low carbon footprint thanks to the choice of building materials, the choice of plant palette and the respect of ecological corridors.

Public space
Urban planning
Sustainable development
Carbon footprint

    • Conceptual planning and urban design of
      25 Kms from Shennan Avenue
    • Shenzhen City
    • IFADUR – Urban planning
      INTERSCENE – Urban planning and landscape
  • 350 ha > Finalist in the international design competition

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