The gardens of LFI Duras

HCMC - Vietnam


HCMC - Vietnam

In order to offer more recreational space to the students, the school decided to open up its patios while preserving the identity of the gardens. The concept of a concrete platform in the shape of a lotus leaf is arranged in the patios in different sizes: a set of Japanese steps allows access. These platforms, on which a range of custom-designed furniture, allow children to come and work, chat or even have lunch. The secondary courtyard has been enlarged and is organized around a beautiful tree and large shades that cover the space with a light shade.
A cafeteria area has been set up in one of the patios: pergola, kitchenette and custom-made furniture. Massifs complete the system in order to integrate the project into its environment. Finally, the roof terrace is made accessible, a set of guardrails guarantees safety while optimizing the planted area.

Subject mastery
Landscaping of green spaces
Lycée Français International
Ecological management

    • Design and supervision of the French high school’s outdoor facilities: gardens, playground, furniture, cafeteria area and roof terrace
    • Lycée Français International
      Marguerite Duras
    • AEFE
  • 18,000 m² > Project delivered

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