Fieschi barracks

Vernon - France


Vernon - China

The restructuring of a wasteland such as the Fieschi barracks in Vernon offers the town exceptional development possibilities. This former military site, whose surface area is equivalent to that of the city centre, is located at the crossroads of several major historical and geographical axes: the RN15, the SNCF tracks, the Bizy Mall and the Seine.
In this context, which is both rich and enclosed, the project consists of turning the future Fieschi district towards the Seine and opening it up to the nearby Vernon town centre. It structures the landscape of Vernon by giving it back landmarks, articulated around a unifying axis governing the entire composition. The facilities (school and Capuchin convent) as well as the shops punctuate the central promenade of the Ramblas, the main axis of the district.
Based on the conservation of a group of buildings from the barracks (the headquarters, the buildings in the main courtyard, part of the Capuchin convent), the proposed urban planning is in line with the history of the classic park systems that were the basis of landscape urban planning.
Wide avenues, structuring trees, harmony of perspectives, squares, plazas like green rooms, ponds, water features and slopes condition the spirit of the place and develop the space.
At the same time, numerous variations accompany and reinforce the system: free or naturalistic gardens, Anglo Normand or Clos Normand enrich the axes and districts and contribute to the diversity of the district.

Public space
Subject mastery
Heritage project
Military heritage
Shared space

    • Redevelopment of a military wasteland into a residential area with shops and public gardens (within the framework of an AEU):
      – design and monitoring mission
      – project management mission for the development of public spaces
    • Agglomeration community of the Portes de l’Eure (CAPE)
      Eure Aménagement Développement
    • INTERSCENE – Master plan and landscape
      ARCHICOP – Architect – Town planner
  • 20 ha >Project delivered

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