the valley of jiande

Hangzhou - China


Hangzhou - China

The Qiantang River area (Hangzhou) will soon become a new urban development axis. The objective of this study is to promote the river and heritage landscape of the valley by developing a national river park with international appeal.
The city already has great potential: picturesque landscapes, a rich culture and history and a dynamic economy.
The total area affected by this development mission is 16,600 km2. The river (235 km in total) is divided into three sections in addition to the large Thousand Islands Lake (Qiandaohu).
Through river tourism, the aim is to revitalise the valley by revealing its forgotten plant, architectural and cultural heritage.
Several axes of discovery and development are proposed in this tourism development study:
– new green neighbourhoods
– new cultural activities
– new ways to get around
– a national park to reveal and protect the territory of the valley.
A sensitive study full of poetry.

Tourist scheme
Green tourism
Sustainable development

    • Feasibility study: developing a tourist destination
    • joyon real estate
      Master plan and landscape
      Tourism development
  • 230 km² > Study completed

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