Changli jieshi national park

Hebei - China


Hebei - China

How can Jieshi National Park be promoted as the new tourist destination of the region? Urban planning, the organisation of activities and tourist accommodation, the organisation of travel, the enhancement of the landscape of the agricultural plain and the mountain range, the enhancement of the various activity sites will have to meet the objectives of sustainable development and a negative carbon footprint. An ambitious program, to say the least.
The project provides for:
– the protection of the heart of the massif accessible only by discovery trails,
– the conversion of former stone and sand quarries into natural areas, bathing sites and botanical gardens,
– promotion of the local terroir (landscaping of the highland villages: vineyards, terraces, vineyard development, etc.),
– The creation of the wine route encircling the massif. Re-engineered around its tramway, it serves the various accesses to the national park,
– the protection and enhancement of the valley’s agricultural villages,
– the reorganization of the city of Changli around its lake.

Urban planning
Heritage project
Green urbanism
Ecological management
Negative carbon balance

    • To develop the first inhabited national park in China, creating an urban form that integrates the agricultural landscape and local know-how.
    • CFLD
    • IFADUR – Urban planning (representative)
      INTERSCENE – Master plan and landscape
      R. Narboni – lighting
      F.Boutté – ecology
      F.Richez – transport
      ARTELIA – tourism
  • 102 km2 > Study delivered

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