zppaup of antananarivo



Antananarivo - Madagascar

The setting up of the Architectural, Urban and Landscape Heritage Protection Zone is part of the GREEN PLAN of the Urban Commune of Antananarivo. An innovative approach in Madagascar, the Z.P.P.A.U.P. project was conceived as a tool for the preservation of architectural, urban and landscape heritage on the scale of the entire urban commune.
This protection zone has made it possible to define a global project for the preservation and enhancement of the town. Indeed, the Z.P.P.A.U.P. considers the districts beyond the old centre by establishing a protection perimeter in continuity with the existing safeguarded sector. It thus makes it possible to guarantee a status to the remarkable elements by their specificities and their connections to an era and to the ways of life of the city dwellers.
As a knowledge tool, this project was an opportunity to analyse and reflect on a territory in all its details while at the same time developing an overall vision.
It is a knowledge tool for municipal officials who, through it, have become aware of a reality that goes beyond the picturesque and the aesthetics of their space, in order to understand the logics that have governed the genesis and the development of the city.
As a communication tool, it is the ideal medium for highlighting heritage and raising public awareness of the values that this notion conveys: maintenance of the collective memory, development in solidarity, respect for others and for a collective past.
A regulatory tool, the Z.P.P.A.U.P. is an instrument of enhancement and a framework for the future development of the city.

Urban development
Heritage project
Flood zone
Green urbanism

    • To develop China’s first inhabited national park by creating an urban form that integrates the agricultural landscape and local know-how.
    • Ile de France Region
      Urban Community of Antananarivo
      Master plan and landscape
  • 1000ha > Study completed

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