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tananarive - Madagascar


Tananarive - Madagascar

The territory of Antananarivo has the chance to be a virgin and undamaged territory for which it is possible to foresee the theoretical urban evolution. One could say that “the city is read”. Over time, it has spread out to the plains and along the river. Now that the city is starting up again, new problems are arising and urban planning rules are needed, otherwise this rare territory will be nibbled away. The challenges are to create a strongly identified city centre, to reveal the heritage, to restructure certain districts in depth and to channel its future development.
The Green Plan therefore proposes to rediscover an urban logic based on geography and landscape.

But the urban development of Antananarivo cannot be achieved without relying on its fundamental economy: rice resources. Indeed, the large agricultural flood plain seems to be erased by a certain ignorance of this historical support. This plain, irrigated by a river thanks to a system of dykes since the 17th century, is tending to be overtaken by urbanization: filled in and disowned. Such a development seems risky as heavy rains could also flood the lower town. Thus, revaluing the historic centre by giving it back its power of attraction also means revaluing this agricultural plain, which is essential for Antananarivo.

The green plan includes the development of a charter for the protection of green and agricultural spaces (rice fields) in the heart of the city. But the green plan, a tool for beautification and development for the city, is also an experiment in social, economic and cultural development. It is above all a public health tool based on natural techniques and solidarity to help the development of the city in its urban expansion, not to forget its territory.
It is thus based on the “fair” development and exploitation without destruction of the unique biological wealth (animal and plant) of the island and Malagasy craft skills.

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    • Study of a Green Plan for Antanarivo, a tool for beautification and development of the capital
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