Eco-neighbourhood Maison Neuve

Guérande - France


Guérande - France

Located in the third ring of the city of Guérande, 700 meters from the ramparts of the walled city, the district of Maison Neuve is the first milestone of the concept of eco rampart.
Initiated and developed by Eduardo Souto de Moura within the framework of the Atelier Littoral, this concept aims to give the city its limits. The idea is not to create new enclosures but to define a sustainable thickness between the building areas and the natural or agricultural spaces. The aim is to obtain a fabric made up of various thicknesses that allows the landscape to enter the city. The water circuit is one of the foundations of this pilot project on the question of the treatment of the limits between built and natural space.

The landscape identity of the site is enhanced. The principle of planting hedgerows on slopes is maintained. The network of soft links is laid out according to this bocage network and the penetrators are created in place of the weak and ageing parts of the hedges. The vegetation that currently allows for the distinct identification of the hollows, voids and solids of the site plays the same role of “space sensor” in the context of the project. It is differentiated according to the entities and thus allows an instinctive reading of the site: wetland, stream, meadow, footpath, Vélocéan, parcel boundary, etc.
The existence of the river is one of the main lines of the project.

Public space
Soft links
Urban expansion

    • Design of an eco-neighbourhood based on the “eco-start” concept, extension of the Guérande agglomeration: 600 housing units, facilities and public spaces
    • City of Guérande
    • ATARAXIA (leader) Developer, ARCAU – Architect and Urban Planner, INTERSCENE – Master plan and landscape, GIBOIRE – Real estate developer, SAFEGE – BET VRD, POLLEN – Energy
  • 30ha > Competition

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