Place marktbreit

Fléac - Charente

Marktbreit Square

Fléac - Charente

The commune of Fléac wishes to enhance, make more functional and visible the Marktbreit square and its surroundings. Indeed, despite its central and strategic position, the place remains confidential. It is composed of two distinct parts: a large parking lot on one side overlooking a somewhat outdated shopping center created in the 1970s and on the other, a sandy square separated by the rue des Petits Prés. Today, it is a vast tarred space, 80% waterproofed. The study carried out hand in hand with the consultations allowed us to build with the inhabitants a complete set of specifications for the future development of the square. Several scenarios were proposed and served as a basis for discussion and work. This consultation work led us to present a final scenario with a lot of vegetation, where the emphasis is on pedestrian continuity, strolling and conviviality. The square in front of the shopping center is enlarged to accommodate some terraces. The rue des Petits Prés serves the parking spaces. It is diverted in order to free a large pedestrian space in which an open hall of 300m² and a new commercial building are inscribed. The soils, demineralized to the maximum, allow the creation of a fresh vegetal setting, a small “urban garden” conducive to conviviality.

Public space
Feasibility study
Garden square
Freshness island

    • To develop China’s first inhabited national park by creating an urban form that integrates the agricultural landscape and local know-how.

    • City of Fléac

    • INTERSCENE – Agent.
    • ATELIER SKALA – Architecture
    • BETG – BET VRD

  • 10 500 m² > Study delivered

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