Sevran land of water

Sevran - Paris


Sevran - France

This place is an unexpected reserve of land, 32ha in the heart of the city. A still natural space at the articulation of diversified housing spaces – between high rise apartment buildings and pavilions – and a green arc shaped by the parks of Sausset and Poudrerie. The time is that of transformation. It is time to give Sevran a new lease of life, to reconcile the past with the present and to prepare the future with ambition, by moving the lines and imagining new ways of creating living spaces and meeting places.
Within the site, it is indeed the water features that structure the development, the landscape and the uses. Water soothes and animates. It places sport, the discovery of nature and therefore life at the centre of the project. It allows the creation of healthy, formative activities for all ages
The built line is perforated by regular visual openings, allowing the spaces to be ventilated and the vegetation and aquatic aspects of the site to be seen from the main avenue. At its southern end, it is home to vegetable gardens, which can also be found on the roofs of the various buildings.
These planted spaces allow for a maximum link between the mineral and the vegetal, the constructions and the nature.
The building allows a large square to unfold to the north, a real gateway to the site and a new centrality for the district. Around this esplanade, the visitor will recognize local shops that meet the daily needs of the new residents. He will also see more specialized signs that will give him a glimpse of the new uses inaugurated by Terre d’Eaux.
In this respect, a skatepark at the entrance to the square illustrates this openness and attractiveness. It will serve as a catalyst for a population that will then discover the rest of the possibilities offered by the operation (laboratory of ideas, academies of board sports, urban arts and urban agriculture…)

Public space
Urban planning
Shared space
Ecological management
Nature in the city

    • 567 HOUSING – 38,000 m2 SP
      Youth and senior residences: 11250 m2 FA, Shops: 6400 m2 FA
      Indoor activities (indoor wave pool – Fab Labs – Shops)
      5,330 m2 Outdoor activities
    • City of Sevran
    • LINKCITY Ile de France – Operator
      CRESCENDO – Operator
      Jacques ROUGERIE – Associated architects
      INTERSCENE – Urban planning and landscape
      MUOTO – Architects
      GELIN-LAFON – Architects
      JULIA WINDING Architect
      CONFLUENCES – Environment
      OASIIS – energy performance
      SALUTERRE – Landscape and social engineering
      JARDINS DE GALLY – farmers
      BOUYGUES BATIMENT Ile de France
      COLAS Ile de France – Normandy
  • 32ha > Competition winners

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