Terra Botanica

Angers - France


Angers – France

With its 11 hectares of landscaped creations, including 60 thematic, fun or educational gardens, and a vast complex of reception, entertainment and operational buildings, Terra Botanica is the showcase of the industry and the identity of the Anjou plant region.

The park is organized according to a new and innovative concept orchestrated by Thierry HUAU, around 60,000 m² of gardens, 25,000 m² of aquatic spaces, 15,000 m² of pathways and 10,000 m² of greenhouses and buildings.

– By immersing the visitor in an anthology of gardens with its paths, its keys to reading, its areas of play and observation in the form and spirit of the “gardens of paradise” all in flavours, fragrances and images.
– Drawing on very different registers as an open-air “novel” mixing adventures, travels, changes of place and scale, symbols and founding myths of our civilizations.
– By following new logics of paths that borrow their modes of transport from the festivals. Festivals on the water and in the air, labyrinths and mirrors, corridors of light and sound.
– By stimulating the visitor’s imagination during his adventures, by giving him the opportunity to wear the clothes of famous botanist-travellers and adventurers of unknown lands, but also those of hybridizers and gardeners, or the art of being an actor of his own adventures. By using both the playful and educational mode, the scientific and poetic discourse.

TERRA BOTANICA is a unique synthesis of the art of gardens, where the art of playing with surprises and discoveries is combined with the art of composing theatre and staging the living world, in four stages: The Coveted, The Generous, The Mysterious, The Unusual.

Theme park
Subject mastery
Garden art
Ecological management

  • Design and project management of the Terra Botanica park: a playful and educational landscape facility on the theme of plants
  • INTERSCENE (park designer, master planner, scenographer, landscape designer
    and Artistic Director) COTEBA (Leader : BET) Jean DE GASTINES- Architects KAURENBAUM – Architect JL MARIN – Architect CREATIME – Scenographer TERROIR DEMAIN Programming
  • 15 ha
  • 85 000 000, 00 Euros
    > Project completed

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