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Bavaria - Germany


Bavaria - Germany

The Brombachsee is a unique holiday resort, 1 hour south of Nuremberg in Bavaria. We spend a weekend or a week there. Sailing, hiking, mountain biking are all part of the destination.
Located between 4 and 500m altitude, it is bordered on the south by a large temperate forest of beech and pine trees and is home to numerous ecosystems. The Center Parcs is located on the south bank, in the 160 hectares of the former military site that was disused in the 1970s. A true natural sanctuary, the main challenge of integrating the project is to safeguard the existing forest.
Reusing the road network as much as possible, identifying the types of woodland, the remarkable trees, taking into account the habitats and in particular those of the bats, … so many constraints which will allow the project to integrate perfectly into the site.

Master plan
Tourism development plan
Green tourism
Ecological management

    • Development of a new tourist destination:
      Definition study and Master plan
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      Master plan and landscape
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  • 170ha > Study in progress

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