the jungle garden

Puteaux - France


Puteaux - France

The Jungle Garden: awakening the senses in the heart of an immobile journey.

We imagine a garden that inspires wonder, escape and in which all generations will find pleasure in wandering, playing and relaxing. This garden pushes the limits and highlights the wonders of nature. It climbs, hangs, rolls up, crawls, …
Its exoticism surprises, dazzles. The concept of the Jungle is made concrete by a fine work on the vertical composition: if you look up, you can see tree ferns, palm trees and cordylines mingling with the overhanging bridges and other vertical play platforms. Trees join this luxuriant and generous vegetation. In the heart of the park there are paths that allow access for disabled people, but also more intimate staircases and winding paths that lead to resting alcoves.

Public space
Shared space
Nature in the city

    • Design of the jungle garden

    • Puteaux Town Hall
    • INTERSCENE (Contractor)
      SORC (BET)
      LYUM (lighting design)
  • 1200m² > Design competition

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